South Korea

Deogyusan, South Korea

South Korea's ski scene is a captivating blend of adventure and beauty, which offers a diverse array of slopes and experiences for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

From the renowned venues such as YongPyong and Alpensia, where Olympic legacies intertwine with modern amenities, to the picturesque High1 Resort nestled in the serene mountains of Jeongseon County, each destination promises an unforgettable winter escape.

With a season typically spanning from late November to early April, these resorts provide not only thrilling runs but also a range of facilities including equipment rental, lessons, accommodation and dining options.

Many offer shuttle services from major cities including Seoul to ensure convenient access to these snow covered paradises.

Whether you're carving your first turns or seeking new challenges, South Korea's Ski Resorts invite you to discover the magic of winter in an enchanting setting.

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