Lotus Pond's Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Taiwan is a country that has an abundance of things to see and do, from incredible natural beauty, culture and history this is a country that will surprise you. Taipei is not only the capital it is also where history meets modernity. Taipei has some amazing attractions including Temples, the National Palace Museum, Taipei Zoo, the Botanical Gardens or explore the breathtaking view over the spectacular city from the Maokong Gondola via cable car. Taipei has an amazing food scene from the Shilin Night Market with plenty of street food to the authentic gourmet restaurants and trendy shopping hubs. Taipei 101 is still one of the most visited tourist sites along with the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the small town Jiufen.

Located in the south of New Taipei City, Wulai is famous throughout Taiwan for its hot springs, a major highlight with many people coming here to bath in the warm waters, learn more about the rich indigenous culture and explore the surrounding nature. There are many outdoor activities that can be done here including hiking and fishing.

A couple of hours by train from Taipei you will find the stunning Taroko National Park, home to one of the most visited natural wonders in Taiwan. Take the trail to the Eternal Spring Shrine, which features the stunning Baiyang Waterfall or visit the Bridge of the Kind Mother, the Lioufang Chiao Bridge and the Shakadang Trail. The Taroko National Park is a beautiful nature area with incredible landscapes. Carved out over centuries by the winding Liwu River, it is the Taroko Gorge that is undoubtedly the highlight.

Sun Moon Lake is the largest body of water in Taiwan. It is a very popular tourist destination with a plethora of hotels, restaurants and shops surrounding the lake. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy including cycling, sailing, hiking and even some great Temples to explore. There is also a cable car here that takes you to the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village where you will have some of the most exceptional views over the lake below.

The Alishan National Scenic Area is quite mountainous and wild, consisting of twenty-five mountains that tower to a height of over two thousand metres. Exploring the valleys, waterfalls and forests is quite a mysterious event and the scenery is remarkable to behold. There are a number of trails and paths that will take you to some of the best viewpoints. A great way to see the reserve is to take the Alishan Forest Railway, which snakes its way through the forests along the mountainsides before stopping off at Fenqihu, a picturesque village with the ruins of a Shinto Temple.

Formerly the capital of Imperial Taiwan, this ancient city Tainan has tons of interesting sites and cultural landmarks to enjoy. One of the most popular parts of the city to visit is the Anping District, the historic heart of Tainan with beautiful Old Temples, the 17th Century Fort Zeelandia and a selection of Museums including the Chimei and Koxinga Museums.

Located in the northwest of the country Lukang is a mesmerising place to visit and especially renowned for delicious local cuisine and stunning architecture with over two hundred Temples to visit including the Matzu Temple, which is one of the most popular.

Bordered by the Central Mountain Range and the South China Sea, Kaohsiung is the maritime capital and a vibrant metropolis. It has a warm climate year round making it a great destination for vacations. With scenic attractions to visit including Xiziwan Bay, Love River, Lotus Pond, Mount Shoushan and the Old City of Zuoying. The Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, (formerly the Buddha Memorial Centre), is a Mahāyāna Buddhist cultural, religious and educational Museum located in Dashu District with a Buddha Statue and Pagodas that line the avenue leading to the museum. Located on the edge of Lotus Lake, a scenic area in the heart of Kaohsiung, there are two Pagodas, which are possibly the most popular attractions in the city. Visitors enter the Temples through the Dragon’s and Tiger’s mouths and can enjoy a view of the lake from the top of each tower.

Kenting National Park is the oldest National Park in Taiwan and one of the best destinations on the southernmost tip of the Hengchun Peninsula. Popular amongst tourists and locals it is known for its Scenic Mountain, beaches, waterfalls and tropical climate. The park has diverse flora and fauna that includes mammals, reptiles, birds and fish species including rare bull sharks, hawksbill turtles and more than 26 land crab species. Built in 1883 the Eluanbi Lighthouse is another site that you shouldn’t miss.

Just a short bus ride from Taipei City is the Yangmingshan National Park, home to a dormant volcano and many hot springs. Xiaoyoukeng would be the best place to see the Geysers along with a visitor centre and several pathways and hiking trails. Yilan County is another area situated just a few hours from Taipei where you will find a lot of natural attractions including hot and cold springs where you can take a calming dip. One of its best attractions is the Qilan Sacred Trees Garden, which houses hundreds of ancient trees like the Hinoki False Cypresses of Taiwan. You can also watch whales and dolphins while walking along the Caoling Historic Trail.

The Yushan National Park is named after the Yushan summit, the highest peak in the world, stretching around 100,000 hectares. Along with many canyons, cliffs and valleys there are approximately 30 more peaks at Yushan National Park. Nanan, Tataka and Meishan are three main centres you can enter from. Some of the most popular animals to see are Sambar, Black Bears, Deer and Taiwan Macaque. The Yushan trail attracts many visitors due to its stunning views.

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