Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is the Capital of the Slovak Republic and is often referred to as the “Beauty on the Danube”. This is a modern city with cobblestone streets and attractive pastel houses in the Old Town centre.

Only a fifteen minute walk to the top of the hill, Bratislava Castle is one of the most iconic symbols of the city, with its location high up on a hill giving its visitors a tremendous view all around the city, the Old Town and beyond. There is also the Museum of History to explore or you can just walk through the Baroque Gardens behind the Castle.

St. Michael’s Gate is the entrance to the pedestrian are of the Old Town. It is one of Bratislava’s oldest buildings and has been preserved since medieval times. If you feel like climbing the tower there is a small Museum of Weapons and City Fortifications at the top.

The Old Town Hall is a gorgeous building, the interior houses the Museum of City History, however it also has examples of medieval torture instruments in its basement. A walk up to the top of the tower will give you some wonderful views over the main square of Bratislava’s Old Town.

St. Martin’s Cathedral was originally the site for the Hungarian Empire’s coronations of the Kings and Queens between the years of 1563-1830. This Gothic style Cathedral has stained glass windows and houses some interesting crypts and ancient catacombs.

The Primatial Palace is a pretty pink Palace built in 1778 for the then Archbishop József Batthyány. Enjoy the historical grandeur by visiting the 2nd floor where you can see 17th Century Tapestries, old paintings and of course a visit would not be complete without seeing the stunning Hall of Mirrors.

Bratislava’s most photographed spot is with Cumil, a bronze representation of a man who is working in the sewers and has just popped his head up to get some air. There are many other amusing statues around the city to see but Cumil is by far the most famous.

If you want to take in some great sky high views then a visit to the UFO Tower is a must. It has the appearance of a flying saucer at one end of the SNP Bridge. Take the elevator up to the Observation Deck to enjoy the stunning views over the city. For a different dinner option during your stay, why not book a table in the Restaurant. At 95 metres high this will give you a unique experience and great views especially at sunset. The restaurant is a really fashionable place to eat in Bratislava so remember to dress for the occasion.

Other sites to visit while in Bratislava are the Slovak National Gallery, which is a real a treasure trove of Slovak art. Hiding in the cellar under the Apponyi Palace next to the Old Town Hall is the Slovak National Collection of Wine, this unique abode holds the official collection of the top 100 Slovak wines. Why not speak to one of the sommeliers about what they would recommend for you to try. Guided wine tasting tours can be arranged featuring up to 80 wines. If an evening at the Opera is more your thing then a visit to the Slovak National Theatre, located in the centre of the Old Town it is a must. This old 1886 Neo-Renaissance building exudes old fashioned charm and there are numerous Opera’s held throughout the year to delight everyone. Tickets are best purchased in advance so not to miss out on the best seating.

During the warm summer months why not take a boat cruise down the Danube River to visit the medieval Devin Castle. Devin Castle once was a trade centre and military stronghold during the middle ages, however today it lies mainly in ruins. It has stayed this way so visitors can appreciate the skilled craftsmanship from when it was built. Many of the castles rooms and walls are still intact after hundreds of years.

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