Decorated fountain with mosaic tiles, Rabat, Morocco

Situated on the coast of both the Atlantic Ocean and Bouregreg River with 17th Century architecture and colonial style streets is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Morocco's capital, Rabat. This captivating city will welcome you with its rich past. It has a lot to entice from their French colonial and Islamic heritage, which the city’s sites reflect.

In the heart of the city, the Old Medina has an ambiance, which should not be missed. The sounds and scents are so enticing you will be lost in its charm. Haggling is a known practice so enjoy your time while scoring your best souvenirs.

The Hassan Tower and Tomb, a 12th Century minaret, originally seems to the eye that the tower has fallen into two, however the truth is it was never fully completed. This striking tower with its intricate designs was originally intended to be a Mosque for its then ruler Yacoub al-Mansour. Sitting opposite is the Tomb of King Mohammed V and his two sons. Let yourself be spellbound by its gold leaf ceiling and fascinating carvings that lie inside the building, which is open to non-Muslims.

The King’s Palace is the official residence of King Hassan II. Home to the Royal Family, it also has many government offices and was originally built on the ruins of an 18th Century Palace.

Located at the entrance of the Oued Bou Regreg River and sitting right opposite from the city of Salé and adjacent to the Old Medina of Rabat is the Kasbah des of the Udayas, which occupies the city’s oldest area in Rabat, it affords its visitors with stunning river and ocean views. Arriving at the city’s grand door you can start to explore the quaint white washed streets with pops of vibrant blue colour and immediately get a vision into the history of the city. The Berber Royal Fort is surrounded by well-manicured French style gardens, which overlook the sea.

Abandoned in 1154, Chellah is a medieval fortified city buried in the heart of Rabat. The remnants of this pre-Islamic city remain and are today an area full of charm and history. There are overgrown plants intertwined with colourful yet immaculately maintained flowers and fauna.

Rabat has some stunning beaches, where you can escape the city’s busy lifestyle. The town of Kenitra can easily be reached by train and is known as a great surfing spot. This would be a great day out for all those who want to relax and enjoy some water sports or just breathe in the fresh sea air.

A fantastic family venue, the Natural Science Museum of Rabat and is full of impressive displays of dinosaurs and chronicles of the origins of the earth. Perfect for archaeology lovers and curious minds, the Natural Science Museum has a lot to offer. It even has a full size replica of a real Sauropod dinosaur which was discovered in 1979 in the High Atlas Mountains.

The Andalusian Gardens were built by the French in the 20th Century, it is also the home to the Palace Museum. The garden showcases traditional Andalusian flowers as well as orange and banana trees. The gardens are a fun way to relax away an afternoon without the crowds.

Rabat is a beautiful city to visit with its diverse food scene, great coffee and pastry shops to try. If you wish to hang out with the locals then a trip to Rabat’s Agdal neighbourhood, here you will find some popular pubs and dive bars.

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