Eilat, Israel

Located on the Red Sea, the resort town of Eilat is Israel’s most southern city. Eilat is known for its famous Red Sea diving and the Underwater World of Coral Beach Reserve. The beaches of Eilat are renowned for their calm waters with an abundance of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed nearly all year round due to its fantastic climate.

The Underwater Observatory Marine Park is where you will have a crash course of colour and variety of all that lives below the sea. The highlight of the park is the tower observatory, situated 100 metres offshore where you can take the stairs down to the sea bed to see the fish and other marine life in their natural habitat. The Observatory has various aquariums showcasing Turtles, Red Sea Fish and Sharks.

The private Bay of Dolphin Reef is best known for its scuba diving and snorkelling and its resident bottlenose dolphins that offer its visitors the opportunity to see them up close and personal.

Coral Beach Reserve is Eilat’s premier diving and snorkelling site and the offshore waters are home to some of the most vibrant and colourful coral and flitting fish in the world.

If diving is not your thing then why not fly over the Red Sea! Eilat is situated between both Jordan and Egypt and a great trip in a small plane flying over the Red Sea is one of the most thrilling and invigorating things to do. The planes normally carry up to 4 people including the pilot and during the 30 minute flight, the pilot will point out various landmarks in the area. Your views will span all the way to Saudi Arabia and a fascinating fact is how close these two countries are geographically even if not in reality.

Eilat is predominantly a beach resort and the family friendly Coral Beach being the busiest and most popular. Palm Beach and Village Beach are a little more relaxing and quiet, with some amazing restaurants and cafés.

If you want some adventure then why not visit the Red Canyon, home to the most stunning hiking trails in Israel. Located just 23 kms north of Eilat the area provides a taste for both nature lovers and those who are time poor to visit the desert further. The Red Canyon is characterised by its vibrant red colour a result of the beaming sunlight. It has towering rock formations, winding trails and pleasant wadi valleys.

The beautiful Timna National Park has a surreal desert landscapes and an intriguing ancient copper mining history. It is best known for its bizarre rock formations that have been sculpted by the wind and the rain. The most famous of these is called Solomon's Pillars, a 50 metre high wall of sandstone rock, carved into pillar shapes by erosion. A flight of steps leads up the cliff face to a relief depicting Pharaoh Ramses III making an offering to the goddess Hathor.

Established in 1963 the Kibbutz of Yotvata sits at the entry to Hai Bar Nature Reserve. This expansive 10,000 acre park is home to plenty of wildlife including hyenas, antelopes, wild asses, ostriches and other desert creatures. All the animals have been reintroduced to the wilderness here since the park was established with the aim of populating the area with animals that would have lived here in ancient times. It makes for a great day out and a change from Eilat's beaches.

The Mount Zefahot Trail is a circular hiking trail, just south of Eilat town centre. It offers incredible views over Eilat with Jordan and the town of Aqaba to the north and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula to the south. It is not for the faint hearted as it will take around four hours to hike, so a decent lever of fitness will be required to tackle it. The best time to reach the summit is at sunrise as you will see the amazing light breaking over the Red Sea.

If time prevails then Eilat is an easy access point to visit Petra, the fascinating archaeological site in Jordan. Here day tours or even a couple of days can be arranged. Please keep in mind that your border crossing fee will be a little more expensive if you go for just the day!

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