Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Founded in the year 963, the Old City of Luxembourg turned a rock into a legendary fortress among the most powerful in Europe of the 16th Century. The 17th Century saw the creation of the famous casemates and subterranean vaulted spaces. Despite the dismantling of this spectacular defense complex, the most visually arresting parts of the fortress have survived. The fortress and the Old City were listed in 1994 as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Luxembourg City is an energetic and bustling capital that has a myriad of tourist attractions to visit and to delight in. With a cultural platform, it flourishes with artistic expression, with a collection of museums, theatres, and concert halls. The cultural offering is representative of its city dwellers who are multilingual, multicultural, imaginative, and eclectic. With a spectacular blend of UNESCO World Heritage sites and architectural jewels, the capital city of Luxembourg is one of the most unique experiments in harmonious diversity.

Alongside the little narrow streets of Luxembourg City, you will make your way through the charming Old Town where the impressive Grand Ducal Palace opens its doors to curious visitors during the summer months.

With its vineyards and breweries, its producers of meats and cheeses, Luxembourg has a range of unique and enticing flavours. Amongst infusions of herbs, oils, and cereals, local products and producers create gourmet baskets, which for decades have been attracting visitors and foodies from all over the world.

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