Viru Gate at Night, Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia is the northernmost of the three Baltic States and is dotted with Churches, Castles and hilltop Fortresses. Estonia’s area includes some 1,500 islands and islets with the two largest of these islands being Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, which are situated off the west coast. Estonia is pretty flat with the highest point being Suur Munamägi (Big Egg Mountain), sitting at 318 metres above sea level. Estonia is the only one of the Baltic countries with a deep-rooted island culture. Although mostly uninhabited, the Estonian islands tend to be quite rural even having traces of local Viking and medieval culture.

Estonian's tend to be at least bilingual and according to recent studies are among the best English speakers in Europe. The country has distinctly more women than men as for every 100 females there are only 84 men.

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